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Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services cater almost exclusively to our residential clients. With our 3-Tier Packages: Basic, Complete, & Deep Cleaning, you get to choose a service that best suits your home’s current needs:

• Basic Cleaning: exterior cleaning and detailing of frames and sills
• Complete Cleaning: our basic package plus interior window cleaning
• Deep Cleaning: our most detailed cleaning service. The Deep Cleans includes our complete clean plus a meticulous detailing of the tracks, sills, and other nooks and crannies.

The Window Guys also provide commercial window cleaning services to those businesses with mid to large sized facilities.

Gutter Cleaning


Our gutter cleaning service is ideal for your annual or semi-annual home maintenance depending on tree coverage.

During this service:
• Safe access to gutters up to three stories using ladders equipped with safety stabilizers.
• No damaged gutters thanks to our safety stabilizers that ensure your gutters are not bent or scraped by the ladder.
• All debris is removed from gutters and downspouts, bagged, and disposed of ensuring no mess is left behind.



Pressure Washing

We provide pressure-washing services that are safe & effective for your home or commercial facilities. Unlike many independent contractors, we rely on the use of safe & biologically responsible detergents to gently lift and sanitize the surfaces of your home or business. This means we use the lowest pressure possible avoiding the risk of damage that many have previously experienced.



Our low-pressure roof cleaning service is ideal for removing years of grime.

• Low pressure application (equivalent to a rain shower)
• Prevents shingle break down from mold and mildew
• Only cleaning method recommended by shingle manufacturers
• 2-Year Guarantee: If any mold or mildew returns within 2 years we will retreat free of charge