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and welcome to The Window Guys’ website. We are Central Georgia’s premium window and glass cleaning professionals. The Window Guy’s provide a hassle-free, timesaving, premium window cleaning service.  We primarily serve residential homes in the Bibb, Houston, and Monroe counties. You may be asking yourself how does one professionally clean windows or what does it take to become a window cleaner.

Window Cleaning

The Window Guys exist because window cleaning is time consuming, difficult, sometimes dangerous, and extremely challenging to get an absolutely streak-less finish. In fact, many maid services do not offer window cleaning because of these very reasons. That’s where The Window Guys step in. We have taken a dreadful, arduous task and transformed it into a profitable trait simultaneously providing customers with an experience and service that solidifies their continued future business.  Professional equipment and detergents are only a small part of what it takes to consistently provide a streak-less gleaming finish to customer’s windows.

Do You Have What It Takes?

The Window Guys are always seeking new trainees! More specifically we like to recruit local college students as window cleaning with The Window Guys offers a flexible schedule that allows one to work as little or as much as they like. An ideal candidate exhibits the following:   

  • Outgoing 
  •  Positive Attitudude 
  •  Physically Fit
  • Detailed Oriented
  • Self-Motivated
  • Strong Work Ethic

Aside from these characteristics becoming of a successful window cleaner, being able to communicate with customers and provide a positive experience is just as important. These characteristics include:

  •  Approachability
  • A People Person
  • Welcoming Demeanor
  • Well-Mannered/Respectful of All People
  • Active Listener

Got What It Takes to Become A Window Guy?

Here at The Window Guys we are thrilled to welcome new trainees into our window cleaning family! There are many benefits to becoming a window cleaner with The Window Guys:

  • Work Independently
  • Work a little or a lot (depending upon the season)
  •  Earn Good Wages & Tips (Customers love awarding working students with tips!)
  • Meet lots of new people

Send Us Your Information

Applying to become a Window Guy is as easy. Simply fill out the form below. We are always looking for individuals who are creative and can think outside the box. Feel free to use this opportunity to do so. Lastly, like us on Facebook.

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Type out a quick bio on yourself that includes the following information: Your college (if any), major, passion(s) in life, why you want to be a Window Guy, and lastly, that one thing that really gets under your skin.